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Storage Equipment Installation & Repair Specialists                Tel: 0333 339 2700 | Email: sa​[email protected]

Here are just a few of our products........

Adjustable Pallet Racking:

  • Used in most industries, APR systems, once installed can be easily reconfigured and adjusted to your requirements.
  • When used in conjunction with accessories, it can be tailored to suit many different products.
  • A system of upright frames connected by horizontal beams to provide pallet storage levels, which can be adjusted vertically.
  • Each pallet storage position can be accessed individually.
  • Suitably trained installers can decommission these structures and relocate them as operational needs change.

Drive-in/Drive-through Pallet Racking:

  • This system provides blocks of static storage where pallets are stored two or more deep by driving into the storage lane.
  • Access is gained to pallets supported along their sides on beam rails cantilevered from the frames.
  • Drive-in system: the lift truck drives into a lane and reverses out.
  • Drive-through: similar to drive in, but the truck may drive through the block from one aisle to another.

 Longspan shelving/Small Parts Storage:

  • Longspan is a hand-loaded, easily adjustable shelving system that offers a wide range of options to meet virtually every storage need.
  • Whether you need a simple bay of shelving, or a complex two-tier or high-rise order picking solution the Longspan system comprises a wide range of frames, beams and decking types, making it easy to match your precise storage needs. 
  • Longspan can be supplied with chipboard, timber, galvanised steel or mesh shelves, making it suitable for storing anything from boxes, small/medium/large components and long, bulky items.
  • A range of accessories such as garment hanging rails means that specialist applications can also be accommodated.
Cantilever Racking:
  • Cantilever racking provides bespoke storage for materials of all shapes and sizes, in both static and dynamic applications.
  • It is particularly suitable for the storage of long, bulky and irregular-shaped items that can’t be palletised.
  • It can be used with all designs and makes of forklift trucks and handling equipment.
  • Ideally suited to the storage of long thin items such as pipes, bars, tubes and cylinders; as well as larger materials such as bulk timber, plasterboard sheets, panels and flat-pack furniture.

Bolt-free Shelving:

  • Available in a full range of sizes.
  • Open or clad configurations and a choice of popular colours.
  • Whether you want a simple bay of shelving, or a complex two-tier or high-rise order picking solution. It can be constructed at virtually any height.
  • Two-tier installations incorporating operator walkways can exploit building height eliminating the need for a mezzanine floor.

Rack Protection:
  • Floor mounted steel column guards are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit most racking uprights & base plate combinations.
  • Rack end protectors with barriers can also be supplied as a complete kit for single entry and double entry rack ends.
  • Plastic upright protectors can be fitted directly to the racking to absorb and diffuse accidental impact, these type of protectors comprise high-density foam which is encased in high-impact plastic outer casings.
  • All products types are finished in high visibility colours.

Plastic Upright Protectors:

  • This hi-visibility plastic upright protector is a very quick, easy to install and cost-effective way to protect your racking from everyday bumps, scrapes and collisions.
  • The outer shell is made from an exceptionally resilient and hard-wearing plastic designed to take high-velocity impacts.
  • The shape of the shell was designed to repel and deflect impacts away from the upright, in turn reducing damage significantly. 
  • With its closed-cell foam interior acting as a cushion between the racking and the plastic shell, the specialist foam diffuses impact energy and diverts the kinetic energy away from the racking upright, saving you money and time on a replacement leg.

Timber Decking Boards:

  • Cost-Effective.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Fitted with full span batons to prevent movement.
  • Available in either open boarded or closed boarded.
  • Any size available on request
  • Can Be Custom Designed to Individual Requirements

Anti-Collapse Mesh:

The anti-collapse mesh offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Protects pedestrians from falling objects/products from higher levels
  • Panels made in varying widths and heights

Mesh Decking

 38mm mesh decking, fully fusion-welded construction creates a durable decking solution to transform any pallet racking system into efficient shelf storage space.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon